part 2


Hope and healing


Today we should visit the Chelsea physic garden for hope and healing research. I have  found  there are two species of plants are very interesting. The clematis looks very sharp but they are fluffy. it have many medicinal uses, like protect our lung and bone disorder, and another interesting thing is that it also can be the elements for the drug. So in my sight, it is the symbol of safe and dangerous. The second pants have special color. Similar blue and green, i think it is a cold color, but it can give me the feeling of warm. So i decided this is my main color of my project.

This project is very personal, we should finish our project for ourselves,or we can get the feelings about hope and healing of our work. I think i should explain my faith or the things I believe by my work. 


I have tried many ways on the body from the research. I think the project about the hope and healing is should be a small thing that i can take it to anywhere I want. So I tried to draw many images on the hand.

Aslo I visited the garden again, i was very interested in the branches around the plants. I think it looks very complex, similar to our life. looks not very important as the beautiful. I think it is a good element for the project. some things reconciliation up because they happened together. Time and these things can give us hope about the future.


During the research, I am really like the artist Andy Reisinger&Ezequiei pini. the works looks very fluffy and  have the very strong basement, the color they use also similar to green and blue. And it can give us a feeling of relax,not vey worry about the things happened.


Kanmuhito is a chinese artist, the work named HEART is very beautiful. It is transparent work, we can see the things behind the heart. And the book she make also very meaningful. If we want or we need to renew life,we can regard new beginning as the next page, just turn to the next page.

My final is a necklace about the project :HOPE AND HEALING. It made of copper, iron wire and plastic and some grass. There are three layers of this work. My concept is that we could see our future in transparent. And if we want to rebirth, just turn to the next page and have a new start. 


First page is about the medicine. It can help us to heal ourselves. And the medicine  is made by plants. Second page is a people waiting  on the ground, we can see the ground is not smooth. It means that we will face too many challenges during our life time.  The last pages id the symbol of things happened before. It is transparent because things happened before can help us to make a good plans about the future. This project can give me the confidence to face any challenges or different situations in the future. That is my point about hope and  healing.




there are many ways to use paper to produce the 3d works. First of all we tried to use paper cutting, rolling the paper, use color to dye the paper to  make the paper become different shapes and colors. I think it is a good way to help us to find the new using ways of the papers. And then I began to do my research. I found that we can see the paper layering everywhere, like the clothes, architectures and jewelry. It can be the very beautiful shapes to make the people or  the things more lovely. So I have tried some ways to fold, roll and cut on my sketchbook. I found that they can used for variety parts of bodies. 

One thing that I think it is very interesting is the paper can be used to make the things like teeth. It is very easy to mould the teeth of the people. so I use the way to mix the paper and the water, and make the papers' shapes like a is funny and it is very similar to the true teeth. 

During my self learning, I have a research list about the paper. too many artists are good for using paper or the things like paper to produce the wonderful things. At the same time, I tried to draw the  paper design on the body.

There is an artist that I really interested in, Mister finch use the insect to make the out fit of the people. he use things similar to the papers to find the ways to explains the feather, fur or the skin of the animals.

Mia Pearlman's work also very abstract, I can see many details in her works, she said " I make site-specific cut paper installations, ephemeral drawings that inhabit space in both two and three dimensions. I first make complex line drawings on large rolls of paper in India ink. Then I cut out selected areas to create a new drawing, made of positive and negative space, on the reverse. Pinned into a sculptural form, these forms create a drawing in space. And finally, their shadows produce a wholly new drawing on and around the three dimensional drawing". that can help me to know more about the paper cutting. after researching her work I realized that details are very important things for paper cutting. and we should pay more time to make it perfect.

My theme about paper is a poem of Japan. the coalmine mishap happened when you swallow the contraception pills. I was thinking of all the people that disappeared inside your body. This is a poem metaphor the babies disappear  in a woman's body  like a disaster  happened in the spring mountain.I use the rolling paper to express the way disaster happened. I think it is very sensitive and beautiful poem.


Daily practice

the practice about the graphic and 3DDA.

we use only one line to draw a part of the body, then we should pack some color paper on the white paper to make these things looks together. it is very interesting that we can order the sense of color greatly. and we understand more about the construct of our body.

the home work is to draw three more images about that, it is a funny way to improve the skills of us. by this way I understand that the contact between the lines and graphic.

poetic truth

One week project the poetic truth is about choosing one sentence in the poem using the work to explain it. And contact with the truth in the society. I choose the sentence:Man goes into the noisy crowd to drown his own clamour of silence.  from Tagore.

The reason why I think it is meaningful is I think some critical thinking in some countries  are in the condition of silence. They do not have chance to announce,or if they say it out, they will be punished. During the research, I found that Artist CHENXI ZHANG have some good images about "alone". I think the people who want to explain their ideas have the same sense of these images. There are plenty of sharp word on the label of the sign. like"why" "alone" "can not" " priory ". there are too many negotiate about these interesting words. 

The work that I want to show is that a people wear a task in the crowd. but the direction is not the same with the others. They reserve walk, but they can not go straight bravely. And the others can not see anything, they think they can control all the people to go one direction, actually, they cannot.

Be spoke

About this theme, my partner is YUIKO. She is from Japan, actually I just know about the little things happens in Japan, this can help me to more understand the culture and the Japanese 'habits.

We have a list to understand more about each other. because of the orientation we have conversations before, we become friends early but we never have a deep talk about ourselves.

One interesting thing I noticed about her is that he doesn't like smoking but it is her habit. By using the instagram to talk with each other I know that she lived in the countryside and she doesn't like the crowded city. Actually I have the common sense about this, our cities always full of people. Sometimes we do not want to hangout is because it too crowded outside. 

At night I ask her how can she make herself happy, she told me that it is not a easy thing to be happy, she always walking alone or find her friends to talking with. also she told me friend is the most important thing for her.  So I  think healing is my main point.

I choose the dust and plants to finish this project, and contacting with the cultural of Japan. I want to express we should heal ourselves by using the things we rely on.